First Hand Account of Patient whose Therapist Died without a Professional Will

In February of 2012, a person apparently living with bipolar disorder posted the words below on HealthBoards.  Her therapist died without a professional will and the patient was lost afterwards.  This type of suffering and sense of abandonment can be prevented or at least mitigated by therapists in a few minutes and for a relatively modest fee by simply going to

My Therapist Died

I’ve had the same therapist for over ten years. She was more than that, she was my friend. I could tell her ANYTHING even the most horrible thoughts. It’s been about 9 months and I’m suffering by not having sessions with a therapist. My PD doctor is ok but simply rights prescriptions. How do I start over? In order to understand me and how I got here they would or should know everything. How in the world am I supposed to do that? Number one I would be reliving everything thru the discussions, number two it would take FOREVER, I’ve had a lot of crap in my life and number three how do I replace someone like her? She had her own practice so nobody I could ask for direction and I’m not even sure what has happened to my medical records. I’m in desperate need of help but I don’t know where to start.”

If you go on to read the message board, you’ll see a whole host of people advising the author on what she can do to get her records and look for a new therapist.

Below is one such posting.  Notice how the author is surprised that nobody “inherited” the deceased therapist’s practice.

Re: My Therapist Died

I’m so sorry for your loss, I love my therapist too, and can’t imagine how grief stricken I would be to lose her suddenly…..I’d need therapy immediately to help me through it! No one took over her practice and “inherited” her patients? I think you need to find someone new immediately, and it may take more than one try to find the perfect fit, but you need to talk to someone ASAP! Good Luck!”

Click here to see the post and all responses on HealthBoards Health Message Boards.

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